Thursday, September 10, 2015

Spear In One Hand, Tool In The Other ~ KITW

Have you ever read the account in Nehemiah when he rebuilt the wall around Jerusalem?
If not, go read it right HERE. It may take a while to get the full context, but it’s totally worth it!
Several weeks ago at Journey, my home church, Pastor Jimmy taught through this particular story. I have read this account several other times, but something jumped off the pages this time around as our Pastor began to dive into the emotion and persistent actions Nehemiah took through his relentless obedience to God.

Nehemiah was given a task and he not only obeyed with a happy heart, but he obeyed in the midst of constant ridicule and threats. But he felt SO deeply that this was God’s will for him during this season of his life that he fought through the difficulty to complete his task.
These particular verses are what really caught my eye: {read more...}

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