Wednesday, July 15, 2015

In The Name Of Freedom

I literally feel like I could throw up right now.

My heart is racing.  My body physically hurts.  My head is spinning.

All because of this video:

Because individuals have taken life into their own hands.  They took the sanctity of human life and in the name of equality and RIGHTS made it ok to allow innocent babies to take the fall for the sin in this world (whether it was of their own doing or the doing of another sick human being), or simply because of an unwanted inconvenience.  By doing this we have certainly taken steps to give women a voice and a choice for their future and life but this certain "right" has been given with a sacrifice.  It is the sacrifice of life and blood given without a choice.

(And just as a side note, why is it that a murderer who kills a pregnant woman gets charged with two murders if the life inside isn't even considered a life in the first place?!)

So the line was crossed.  And America made it legal.

But we all know that it doesn't take long to obscure lines.
Now, instead of just spreading the lie that the little human is, in fact, not human at all, the ones preforming these acts for the "free" individual with the choice is using these tiny body parts to sell for profit.  Human body parts.  So they really are little humans.  Little lives...that have been sucked right out of existence...and now sold for profit.

There is a reason why God has given us the moral code that we are to live by.  God knows us and knows we need limits, because without limits we are left to our own demise.  And just look where it brings us.  Without limits the line can just keep moving and moving until there is no return for morality at all.

Josh and I have been thinking so much lately about our calling as believers.  How to love the sinner, not the sin.  When to speak and when to be silent.  How to show love to people who live differently than us but standing firm for our family and the truth.

It's a fine line for sure.

The more I dig into the word of God the more I see a Father who loved deeply and passionately, but NEVER passively!  He always pointed the sinner to the Savior and the truth.  He never accepted the sin or brushed it under the rug because it made the individual(s) happier human beings.  He ate with, lounged with, visited and hung out with the sinners, but he was never a passive bystander.  I never once read a story in the Bible where he went to a gathering of "sinners" where he didn't point out their behavior and point them to the Heavenly Father and command them to "sin no more" and to drop their lives (and lifestyles) to follow the only one who satisfies.

I'm not writing this to change anybody's mind or to challenge someone who doesn't even follow Christ.
I'm actually writing to my fellow followers of Jesus Christ.

If you call yourself a believer, how close to the line will you get before you have to move that line farther away from God's principals in order to co-exist with the world.  The world's obscure and moving lines.  It isn't going to take much time before you are backed into a corner and have nowhere else to go.  You will eventually HAVE to make the choice to join the world or cling to Grace.

Lord God, 
I beg you right now to give your people love and grace that extends beyond our capacity, and a bold authenticity to stand firm on your Word.  Help us to lead the way in confidence.  Allow us to wholeheartedly accept other sinners while lovingly pointing them to the Truth.  Our world desperately needs you!

Thank you for your love and sacrifice,
just another sinner freed by Grace

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