Sunday, July 26, 2015

For Lack Of A Better Title

When I began blogging I didn't think I'd ever have anything to say.  I'd try to write a couple of times a week as a goal.  It didn't take long to get in a routine of writing on a daily basis and falling in love with jotting down our lives in short little blog snippets for remembrance sake.

Then came the "deal days" as I like to call them.  Well, actually, I've never called them that until right now, but I needed something catchy, ha!  Those endless hours of coupon cutting, deal hunting and freebie seeking and sharing that led to multiple posts a day.

Yes, you read that right.
Multiple. Posts. A. Day.
(I'm pretty sure that's when I lost my husband's audience:)

Then I came back to the land of the living (maybe I'll tell you the comical, though quite embarrassing, story of why I actually gave up couponing.  K. Grossman, you are NOT allowed to comment on this one, ha!) and went back to daily blogs about our ministry and our growing Colony.

But as of late I have had the hardest time blogging.  Now, I've got PLENTY of things to write about, but by the time I actually get a second to sit down I just want to sit and allow my mind to idle, and this act almost always leads to a quiet-induced coma of the best kind...sleep...

But here I am, on a Sunday afternoon, feeling awake and somewhat motivated.
We had a beautiful morning at Journey.
Josh is out getting ready to play for the Journey Students tonight so I can't completely let myself fall into a deep sleep with 5 littles and 7 chickens running around.
The afternoon is LOVELY. 86 degrees with slight 45% humidity and a gentle breeze (I heart weather).  The shade is glorious, so sitting on the porch swing was called for.
Sipping on tea.
Listening to 3 kids rummage through the bin of Legos, while another naps and another looks on with a lazy, content gaze.

This scene doesn't play out very often around here so I am soaking it in, even if it only lasts a few more minutes.

This week was a rough one, but we are managing to gain momentum again, and my psyche is more capable of handling the Colony chaos now and I'm allowing the Sabbath of this Sunday afternoon to soak in the cracks created from the past week (even though I REALLY want to start weeding the grape vine area...I will refrain for sanity sake).

I've had a hard time focusing my "prayer time" in the mornings.  My mind is all over the place, in spite of journaling attempts and other things I'm trying to do to keep on track.  It can be pretty frustrating.  This is just what happens when you take a part of your life captive and seriously give it up to the Lord.  Satan will try to distract you ANY way he can, but I've decided to combat it throughout the day.  ANY time someone comes to mind I pray for them.  No matter what.  Even if it is a short prayer between spelling words and explaining math problems.  I also try to text the person to let them know that they are on my heart and I'm praying for them.

We've also begun the never ending job of landscaping.  I am about 1/2 way done digging out roots, grass and weeds in front of the front porch, and I've got the blisters and tan lines to prove it.  But it's kind of like a work's the best kind of messy and sore when you can see the progress!  Now I have to figure out what we're going to do with all that space before weeds start growing back again!

My mom is in her every-week-for-12-weeks chemo stretch.  She's down two with only 10 more to go.  And then the daily radiation treatments begin.  She's hanging in there and I am so thankful that these new rounds of chemo don't have the same side-effects as the last rounds.

Josh and I have had many late-night talks about how we can become more intentional in the lives we are surrounded with on a daily basis.  It's a hard thing to find the balance of "white space" that a family needs and "living life" with others, but we are determined to marry the two and continue to have an open door to all who come to us for shelter, help and love, with the intentional means of living out the gospel to them.

The natives are getting restless and my picture-perfect Sunday afternoon is beginning to not be anymore, so I'm going to go be the mom I need to be.

I hope you have all had a WONDERFUL weekend!

Monday, bring it on!

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