Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Colony's Rockin' New Years Eve 2014

The older I get the more I realize just how quickly time goes by.  Every year seems to set itself on a faster track than the year before and then I blink and another year has come and gone.

Josh and I arrived home late on Tuesday evening after our 2nd "fake Christmas" (1) family celebration in VA, minus 5 little human beings we call Colony Children.  It took some time, but Meme and Poppie persuaded us (2) to leave the sweet little blessings behind so we could have a few days of marital bliss to ourselves (3).

Being the little social butterfly that I am (4), I was devastated to have the house to myself (5).  But I made the best of it, seeing as it WAS New Year's Eve, and when will I ever get the chance to sit and reflect like this again without the kids around.  I decided that I wanted to spend the day reminiscing on all that 2014 offered and begin seeing what needed to change and be bettered for the upcoming 2015 year (6).

Josh and I did a quick work-out before he headed out the door (7).  Then I got a shower and prepared for the day (8).  I  set Spotify to a nice relaxing ambient station (9) and found a place where I could sit and reflect on the past year (10).  After several hours of non-stop reflecting and meditating (11) my heart was so joyful and satisfied (12), ready to bring on another year (13).

Since we were kidless we did decided that a date was a no-brainer.  Josh told me he would be home around 5 so we could go out.  No curfew, no expectations, just BE husband and me and our multitude of Christmas gift cards {THANK YOU!!!!}

At 3pm I began to get ready.  It may have taken Queen Esther an entire year to get prepared for her man, but this queen only requires 2 hours to choose the best oils and make-up for my man (14).

Of course we had the whole night planned out since it was New Year's Eve (15) and we are very well aware that places are PACKED on New Year's Eve (16).  The restaurant we chose was perfect (17) and the food was great!

And then it was on!

We wanted to see what all the hype was about so we went downtown and just let loose (18).  I mean, when were we EVER going to be able to enjoy another New Year's Eve like this?!  We were certainly not going to do the same thing we always do by watching Ryan Seacrest's Rockin' New Years Eve (19), getting our yearly fix of culture in one night (20).  Please!  I already know how to "Shake it off" and we ALL know "I'm all about that base".

After watching the ball drop and making out in the midst of the multitudes downtown (21) we spent the rest of the evening party hopping until the sun began to rise (22).

But regardless of what really went down last night (23), it was a night to remember!

Happy New Year, ya'll!


1 - It's just easier to explain to our kids that we are having our own "fake Christmas" at home before we head to Nonnie and G-daddy, where we will spend the "real Christmas" and then head up to Meme and Poppie's for our last "fake Christmas".

2 - It took less than 1.5 seconds for us to exclaim "YES!!!"

3 - Josh had to get back to work at Journey and has also been working hard to get all his pre-assignment work in for his January intensive next week. Super sexy, I tell ya;)

4 -  have you not learned ANYTHING about me?!

5 - Are you kidding me?!  This is like the best present EVER!  All alone, in my own home, and not having to converse with another soul for HOURS...ahhhhh

6 - I did spend the morning off right, and then the much anticipated "me time" began.

7 - Yes this is true, but my body hurts so badly today that I may not be able to get my butt out of this chair after typing this, ha!

8 - Prepared for the day, yup.  Showered, nope.

9 - Justin Timberlake, Coldplay, HipHop stations, some R&B...anything with a "fun" beat to practice my Zumba moves to while getting to work

10 - I literally worked my way from the back of the house to the front, deep cleaning, organizing and rearranging EVERY area until my little heart was satisfied.

11 - purging and de-cluttering (some might say that I have a problem, haha:)

12 - I was truly in my happy place.  Josh told me I hadn't stopped smiling since we got home:)

13 - and the 5 littles with their bundles of Christmas aftermath they will have loaded in their arms when they return.

14 - at 3pm I was literally in the middle of de-ornamenting the tree and making a mental note that I had 1 hour before I needed to get in the shower so I'd be ready when Josh got home.  An hour and a half later I told myself "CRAP, I've got 30 minutes!"  So I reluctantly stopped the project that I was in the middle of and hopped in the shower...and after scrubbing it down with my wonderful new Norwex rag (don't judge, cleaning my shower was on my to-do list!) I washed myself really quickly before getting out.

15 - we were so excited to go on a date that we didn't even know where we were going until we were in the car.  There's just something about not having to get back to relieve a babysitter.

16 - being out and about on New Year's Eve hasn't happened in like a decade ya'll!  People forget, ok!

17 - well, the first place we went had a 3 hour wait and the second place we went was 1 hr. and 45 minutes.  By that time we were just hungry and would have gone anywhere, so we walked through North Hills and found this really eclectic Mexican joint.  Strange atmosphere, but really yummy food.

18 - It was cold and we ARE getting old.  We opted to stop at the store to get ingredients to make a yummy dessert and build a nice fire so we could cuddle up together and watch the ball drop from the warmth of our own quiet living room.

19 - actually, yeah, yeah we did

20 - We just THINK we know about our culture and this generation until New Year's Eve hits, where we are always left asking "who is that" and "what did he just say" and "what the ^3$% is she wearing?!"

21 - I already told you we weren't downtown and I don't need to give you any more details about the make-out session that followed

22 - Josh found a flick to watch while I finished mopping the kitchen floor before joining him where we fell asleep on the couch in front of the fire.

23 - Hey, I never said it didn't ever get romantic;)

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