Friday, December 5, 2014

Winter Track-Out Bucket List of 2014

Today is my kids last day of school!  The winter track-out season has arrived!  Just in time for the holiday craziness to begin.  My anxiety can quickly overtake me on cold, gloomy, winter days so I needed a plan to navigate the days so we aren't stuck inside putting out sibling squabbles all day.

So in an effort to keep mommy sane and ALL the children alive savor the excitement of the season the Colony sat down together to come up with a "Winter Track-Out Bucket List".  

Winter Track-Out Bucket List of 2014

go shopping for cousins Christmas presents

go to the science museum

find a new park

$1.50 movie outing

a hot chocolate tea party

sing songs around the Christmas tree

fireside game night in the living room

make fun Christmas crafts

string popcorn (and maybe eat a little too;)

field/snow sledding

wild onion fight (a fun family tradition)

hallway races/bowling with superheroes

go to the library

pullen park

a trip to go see the Hambrick's

play family

write a letter to someone

make some goodies and take them to ________________
(we can't very well give our surprise away!)

find a new place to explore

everybody give $1 and buy a blanket and give it to a homeless person

play hide-n-seek

have a dance party

make fun nature creations from things only found outside

spend a morning/afternoon at Lumpy's IceCream
(the owner has befriended our family and told us to come with games and packed lunch
and we could take over the shop to get out of the house one day:)


We might be adding to the list, but we will most certainly be checking things off beginning TOMORROW!

PS - How is everyone's 31 day challenge going?

Happy Friday Ya'll!

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