Saturday, February 8, 2014

Living A Life Of Significance In An Average American Home

Two different churches
in two different places
two different mission fields
Did you know that it is MY responsibility, YOUR responsibility to reach the lost people all around the world?

not the pastor's
not the student pastor's
not the family who sold everything to move to another country
not the seemingly super-spiritual person who knows theology better than I do
not the person who has been called into ministry

not even the person who seems to have more time than we do
or the other family with more resources
or money
or influence

The responsibility is OURS.

Our pastor always says, "wherever you eat, play, work or shop"...that is our mission field.

When 2 families in my family packed up their American lives to head to Uganda and Haiti I wrestled with the "normalcy" of my own life.  The lie that I wasn't doing enough for the Kingdom.  The fact that I wasn't selling all that I owned for Him.  The "un"adventurous life I now lived compared to them.

But after months of praying through this mentality I have realized just how important MY story is, right here in the "small town, bright future" of Rolesville.

Sure, we could sell everything we own and head overseas too, but that isn't where God wants us right now.  Josh and I have to continually ask ourselves where we will have the GREATEST impact for God.  And right now, that is in our small town with the families of our children's friends from school, the church body, specifically the worship team God has surrounded us with and my 5 little bundles of joy even though I wanted to pull my hair out because of them yesterday.

It doesn't matter where you work, if you are right where God has planted you.
Speak truth to those you work with.  Their souls are just as important as the starving soul in Uganda.

It doesn't matter where you live, if you are right where God has planted you.
Be grateful for this season of warm water that comes pouring out of your shower and the fast food you can pick up ANYTIME, and the washing machine that fits an entire load of sheets and blankets.  The people who live around me are just as important to God.

I have to shift my thinking.

Because God has a way of making sure we don't get too comfortable and in a moments notice I could find myself on the dirt roads of a third-world country again, or in a state completely outside of this Bible belt I've always known.

Don't take your purpose lightly.

Embrace where you are.
God has given it to you as YOUR mission field.

Make it YOUR responsibility to reach the people around you, WHEREVER it may be.


Unknown said...

I love this. I have often wrestled with the normalcy of my own life not being a significant as others who are on big adventures.

Jennifer Hambrick said...

So, so, so, true! I cannot wait to sit and talk with you next week =)