Saturday, December 7, 2013

Story In Pictures ~ CCGDCAWKSBBE

We decided to invite some new friends of ours to our 

2nd annual
Girls vs. Boys
Colony (+ friends)-Christmas-Gingerbread(house)-Decorating-Create-A-Wonderland-Kick-Some-Butt-Bottom- EXTRAVAGANZA!

Meet Team 1
Alethia, Hannah and Jenn

Meet Team2
Cai, JJ, Zeke and Josh

Meet Team 3
Jude and Jarrett
(Jarrett didn't have a very happy heart as his teammate continued to EAT their progress:-)

Meet Team 4
Rainy and Kendall

Everyone is a winner here in the Colony household...
but there must be a winner!
(and unfortunately lots of losers)

Fun was had by all
and the competition was fierce.

The winner that America has chosen this year iiiiiisssssss:
the enthusiastic Team 4!

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