Monday, December 16, 2013

Nothing But The Truth

Our neighbor, Mr. Ed, wasn't doing so well a few weeks ago.  We actually thought we were going to lose him for a while.  While Areyna prayed for healing every night and regained eye sight, Zeke prayed for his elderly wife, Lois, that she wouldn't be sad and lonely while he was in the hospital.  I love seeing the different perspectives my kids see in the prayers we lift up.  Ed made it home almost 2 weeks ago and is doing just fine.  We are only moving shadows to him, but he recognizes our voices.  The kids were SO excited to make cards, necklaces and wrap up (with a whole roll of athletic tape, BTW) their favorite candies from the Rolesville Christmas parade to gift to them.  They even wanted to sing Christmas carols to them:-)

We made the long trek from our yard to theirs and knocked on their door.  We sang our song and gifted our gifts and then Lois invited us in.  We sat down and caught up with them.  Our kids were full of questions, but mainly Cai was concerned about their gift saying, "Can I open it for them?  They are Ooooolllld!".  Oh Cai-bo, the boy who could only speak truth.  He hides nothing:)  He also made a few other comments that made me giggle under my breathe.  I'm sure glad they didn't have their hearing aids in;)

Rainy and Zeke have been tracked out for almost 2 weeks and, although the first few days added a handful of gray hairs on my head were a bit of a transition we made it to the other side and we have mostly been enjoying our time together.  I, Tasha Via, have been a Christmas crafting machine!  I only boast because the thought of whittling scissors, glue and paint typically send me over the edge with all the littles.  It's been fun to see what we can create and what fun ways we can pass the time.  We are completely out of printer paper ~ add that to our Christmas list!

You can find me on Pinterest, if you dare!, and see some of the ideas we have brought to life.

I got to play the Trans-Siberian's, "Wizards in Winter" with our incredible band at Journey yesterday.  It was SO much fun.  We've got another fun opener for next week too!

It must have taken it's tole on my brain though.  I had to run out to the store for some milk and bread, I know, the essentials right!  We got all done bagging it up and then the cashier and I were left just staring at each other.  I'm thinking, "what in the world is he waiting on? I just need my receipt...".  He just kept looking around the store and then at me, not saying a word.  Finally I realized that we were waiting on ME!  I hadn't even paid for the groceries yet.  I don't know WHY he didn't just let me have them for free last night.  Doesn't he know it was all going to feed hungry children, ha!

Well, this year has come and gone and, well, we were a little lazy in the Christmas Card department.

So from all of us to all of you...

Happy Monday ya'll!

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