Tuesday, July 2, 2013

It's A Trap

Part of having a successful outing with a Colony of children is the preparation.

NOTE: I said, "PART"!  You also have to take into consideration the amount of sleep each child has had that night, the food intake, attitudes, timing, and sometimes even the weather (ha, why not).

One thing that drives me crazy as a mom and compulsive healthy consumer is the "waiting area" at the checkout counter.    It is filled with all kinds of yummy, sugary goodness and a plethora of magazines that tell you what you need and DESERVE.

But for me and my household, we will NOT cave.  And in order to keep from caving we have to expose it for what it really is...a trap!

I explain to my kids that the people in the stores set out these things as traps to makes kids (and moms) greedy and to drive mamas crazy and eventually give into the demands of their kid's pleas.

I've found that the more I reveal these kinds of tactics the more my kids can learn to rise above it at an early age.  In fact, they see it as something to conquer!  Don't be afraid to explain it and make a game out of it!

Don't give into the trap.

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