Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Little Misunderstanding(ish)

Zeke: "Mooooommmmmm! Mom!  This is really bad!  Reeeaaaly bad!"

Me:"Zeke, what in the world happened?"

Zeke: "Cai rolled his car down the driveway."

Me: "Well, I'll just walk down and get it."

Zeke: "No! It's broken!"

Me: "Did a car run over it?"

Zeke: "Yeah!  It's in tiny pieces!"

Me: "Alright everybody, don't cross your line on the driveway.  I'm gonna go down and see if I can get it."

My investigation began...looking in the little ravines on either side of the road and down the hill by the farm across the street.

No little car anywhere.

No "tiny pieces" of car anywhere.

Me: "Cai, did you roll the car down the driveway."

Cai: "Yes."

Me: "Why did you do that?"

Cai: "I want it go fast!"

Me: "Well, where did it go?"

Cai: "I show you."

He begins leading me down the hill.

We carefully cross the street and head down the hill toward the farm.

Me: "I don't see a car anywhere buddy."

Cai: "Right there!  There's the horsies!!!!!"

Me: "Yes buddy, but we're looking for your car."

Cai: "The ponies are RIGHT THERE!"

Me: "Ummm...alright, let's go back up with the rest of the kids."

Me: "Zeke, I thought you said the car was in tiny pieces.  Did you see it get hit by a car?"

Zeke: "Well no.  I just didn't see the car anymore so I thought it got run over."

********* 2 minutes later*********

Zeke: "Cai. Your car is here in the shed! Let's go ride!"


And these are the kind of circumstances that occupy my days:)

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Keesha Via said...

Bahah! A little dramatic?