Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Thinking Of Chloe

The other day I walked into the girl's room to wake them up for the day.  They were already dressed and ready for the day.

They had woken up with an agenda!

The kids knew it was Friday and that Friday's are good for Yard Sales.

They were gathering many of their belongings, both loved and forgotten, to sell in a yard sale in the front yard to make money to help bring their Cousin Chloe home from Uganda!  (Her court date is in less than 3 weeks!)

At breakfast Areyna and Zeke were eagerly making plans about their sale they would be hosting in the front yard in a few short hours.

It wasn't until Zeke came in and said, "But mom, we can't talk to strangers!", that I realized how serious they really were.

I quickly reassured them that Zeke was correct, but if they set up their sale by the front porch where I could see them they would be safe.
So that is exactly what they did!  They all got to work laying out and organizing piles (like we had for our yard sales last spring).

They got Josh to bring their picnic table out and found all their "money" to go with their cash register.

Zeke was in charge of the money while Cai kept a close watch for accountability purposes I suppose, ha!

The girls made signs to bring in the crowds.

After an hour or so they called it quits.  They were sad that nobody stopped by to buy their well thought-out treasures but were grateful for the honks and waves by the passersby:)

I love that they are so eager to give.  I love that they worked so hard together to accomplish a goal they had thought out.  I love how they refused to take their toys back in their room because they are determined that their sacrifice is going to help bring Chloe home!

I love my kids and their hearts for the fatherless that are now part of their family!


DARK HEART 2011 said...

hahahaha.....i love the kids and get fun when they playing

Stacey said...

It's a very strong person who could resist stopping and buying everything. =)