Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Yes, I AM A SuperMOM!

And you are too!

So often we look at our mommy friends and see all the things that they are capable of.  We look at how many kids they have.  We see all the things they can accomplish in one day.  We see their constant positive outlook on life.  We see all that they are involved in.

And then we feel totally overwhelmed when we look at our own lives, like we don't even compare.

We don't have nearly as many creative ideas as they do, much less the follow-through to accomplish any of them.  We can't find a single minute in the day to get that shower we've been meaning to take all day, much less the extra time it takes to apply make-up.  Our to-do list continues to grow, instead of diminish, as the day progresses, as we can barely find the energy to even get lunch on the table.

Depression can very easily begin to creep in if one isn't careful...

That is sometimes how I can view myself in light of others.

But then I remember that I am one of those supermoms too!  It comes from confidence in who God has made ME, excelling in the gifts that God has given ME and refusing to give into the comparison game which ravages so many of our female (and male) minds!

So, close that laptop, quit comparing what God has given you with what He has entrusted to someone else, open that Bible that has been collecting dust beside your bed and ask the Lord to search and know your heart and then ask Him to show you the SuperMOM who He has already created inside of you.

"...for your Father knows what you need before you ask Him."
Matthew 6:8


MeMe and Poppee said...

Great blog Tasha....I mean supermom!

Unknown said...

Way to go! That is how we should view ourselves: as God made us. Love it!

Unknown said...

Wow did I need to read this after the week I had:( Thanks for being such a dear friend and so transparent!!

Emily Grace Little said...

Thanks for this post! It was just what I needed - God is so good! AND congratulations on little Jude - he's beautiful!!