Friday, September 2, 2011

Fun Facts For Friday - This Is A Good One

Where to begin...

My mind is moving 100 miles a minute.  I can hardly write as fast as my brain is working to put a post together.  It's been like that since we got the phone call.  Sleep has been nearly impossible!

What phone call?

If you follow me on twitter you already know, but for the rest of you, we got some BIG news this week!

We have a court date!!!!!!

I still get butterflies in my stomach when I say it, or think it, or write it...

October 5th is the big day!

We are working on booking our flights and it looks like we'll be traveling sometime around the 25th or 26th of September.

Wait, isn't it September NOW?!?!  We don't have long to prepare...ahhhh...

My prayer is that I don't over-complicate this whole thing.  I want to keep it simple.  It is going to be an adventure for sure.  It's not going to be a glamorous 6 weeks.  It's not going to be a smooth 6 weeks with every day mapped out the way I like it.  There is going to be no schedule, no normal, no familiarity, but it is going to be good.

Last night Josh and I sat down to start making a list of things we need to do.  It turned into making a list of all the lists we need to accomplish before leaving:)  That's just the way I roll.

We have all but $2300 in hand to reach our $33000 adoption goal!  We have a few short weeks to watch the Lord unravel this feat, which is no problem for Him...I know this full well.

In other news...I had a baby appointment yesterday and had the scare of a lifetime.  It was just the standard check-up, you know, pee in a cup, blood pressure and iron check, weight check (I've gained a total of 4 pounds this pregnancy, oh boy, ha!), and then the measurements and heart beat check.  Everything was going smoothly until she pulled out the little doppler thing and tried to find the heartbeat.  And tried...and tried...and tried... I could tell she was getting concerned by the look on her face, and the fact that she called out in the hallway for the ultrasound machine.  She said I wasn't leaving there until she saw that heartbeat.  After turning on the machine she searched around for what seemed like 5 minutes and then we saw it!  The head, the sweet little feet...and the heartbeat just beating away.  Relief, exhausting, thankfulness.

Josh has been away most of this week working on a recording project so the kids and I have been looking for ways to spend our extra alone time in the evenings.  The night after we got the Court Date news I decided I wanted to check something off of my list, so we treked out to Target to get a little backpack for the littles.  Zeke and Areyna already have bags that follow us around everywhere, but Cai and Alethia needed a little bag to bring their fun treasures on the airplane.  Cai was very particular while picking his out:)

Alright, it's time for me to get going here.  We've got a lot to do today.  WE'RE GOING TO UGANDA!!!!!


Unknown said...

I can't wait!! I am going to have to use your backpack idea, what a great idea!

Ashley said...

Congratulations! Praying for your entire family.

The Martins said...

I can only imagine the thousands of to do lists you have going on in your head! We are so so excited for you guys! What a whirlwind you will be on the next couple of months! One that God already knows...praying for you friend!

Abbey said...

Is there anything tangible your blog readers can help with as you prepare to go to Africa?