Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Birthday, A Total and A Fun Little Road Trip

Our sweet little Cai turned 2 years old on Saturday.  He's no longer my baby boy. 

He is now our sweet little boy who walks in a single file line between classes at church, and sits at the table to work intently on whatever project has captured his attention, who is beginning to formulate short sentences to let us know how he's feeling, and who decided to peepee in the potty for the first time on Sunday morning, what?!?!

We celebrated his birthday in the midst of the second day of the Via and Via Yard Sale.
Speaking of yard sales:)

Friday went without a hitch, with the usual ongoing flow of shoppers.
Saturday, on the other hand, was a bit of a washout...literally!  We woke up to thunder and rain pouring down.  It lasted until about 11, and then by the time we finally got everything dried off and set up, it began pouring again!  We didn't actually get to begin the sale until around lunchtime.  The crowd was really slow the whole day, until we started advertising everything for $1-$5!  We did that until it was almost too dark to see what we were doing.  By that time we were advertising, "Fill Up Your Truck/Van for $10, ha!  (And even then, somebody had the nerve to ask if we could "do any better than that".  Really, a van full for $10 is too steep?)

It was a fun filled weekend and WELL WORTH IT!

The grand total for the weekend was: $2587!!!!

That means that each family is now $1200 closer to our goal to bring home our little girls!

Two stupidist comments of the weekend that I just HAVE to document:
"So, when you get those girls are you gonna keep 'em?"
"Awww, it's just like when you see a sweet puppy on the side of the road and you wanna take 'em home."

This clearly shows how the majority of the US feels about adoption...very sad!

Moving on...

The excitement doesn't end there!

Josh won us some tickets to go see Hillsong United tonight in Greenville, SC!  I'm so excited!  I've never seen Hillsong live.  PLUS, we are taking our buddy Andy Cherry, and his sweet wife Michelle.  It's going to be awesome.

So, I better get packing.  Have a GREAT Tuesday, ya'll!

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