Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Straw Bale Gardening Update

I am happy to report that we are having HUGE success with our little straw bale garden!
Nothing else has far, ha!  
In fact, one of my original seedlings decided to take off after I planted the more mature ones in its place.  Now I have no idea what it is, but am excited to see what it produces:)

My original pumpkin seedling has totally taken over my garden!
Apparently the stink bugs like flowering plants and they have taken over too:(
I am working on killing all the little eggs they continue to hatch
under the huge pumpkin leaves.
These Marigolds were a surprise too!
They were part of my original seedling batch as well.
My tomato plant is my pride and joy!
It was an original seedling as well, just look at it...
We have over a dozen little green tomatoes that have begun to grow.
I'm guessing I found the perfect place to grow tomatoes.
Strawberries, not so much.
All but 2 of my strawberry plants have died in this same area.
Oh well, you can't have everything I suppose:)

But enough about the raised garden tomato area...
let's go back to the straw bale garden.
Just this week Rainy and I spotted a handful of our first batch of cucumbers!
How exciting it is to see how just one little seed can grow into such beautiful plants
and produce things that we can actually eat!

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