Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ahhh, I'm Losing All My Marbles

Due to the craziness of life, and the instability of our current schedule my attitude the kid's attitudes were in major need of an attitude check!
I was trying to brainstorm a creative way to keep our attitudes in check without feeling like I was dishing out "consequences" all day long.  It was time for some intervention...and quick!

I decided that we needed some kind of reward system so we can see just how good our attitudes had been throughout the day.

I got a couple of old Glade candle holders and wrote Rainy and Zeke's names on them.  The one in the middle is for me, because let's face it, momma's need attitude checks every once in a while too:)

Every morning we each start out with 20 marbles.  The goal is to keep our marbles all day (pun intended, ha!).  Whoever has kept the most marbles by bedtime gets to choose the story book that I will read to them.  If there is a tie we both (or all three) get to choose a book.

I must admit that I was the one who lost the most marbles for the first 2 days, but you will be happy to know that my attitude has vastly improved over the past couple of weeks!  It helps to have that accountability.  I mean, who likes to take a marble away in front of their kids because of rude words, unkind talking or just plain rotten attitudes?!

There has been an added bonus to this "Marble Mania", which we have so cleverly named our little game.  Zeke can now consistently count to 20 on his own, a task which was not even on his radar a couple of weeks ago!

So, we're working on counting, our attitudes, tone of voice and kind words all in one!

I can guarantee that I won't be losing all my marbles today:)

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