Monday, March 14, 2011

Not Me Monday

I feel like Josh and I are pretty likable people.

When we go to lead worship for a conference I think we are fairly easy to get a long with.  I mean, we don't demand much and Josh rarely looses his temper with the sound guy (I'm being facetious, he never loses his temper...EVER!).

So, when we sit down after our first set on Friday night to soak up what the Lord had laid on the speaker's heart to share with these women, we would never get asked to leave.

Nope, not us!

But if we were asked to leave for some bizarre reason we would surely comply so as to avoid being asked to leave again, by another woman!

No way, not us!

We would definitely not take our cue and sneak out the back door to go find our hotel room only to realize that we had been set up! 

Oh no, that would never happen to us!

We'd never enter a hotel room with thoughtfully written cards of encouragement and other sweet things to make this a very special "Anniversary" get-away for the two of us while our kids are taken care of at their cousin's house.  We would totally catch on to  a scheme like that.

Nothing ever gets past us. Nope!

Who actually has friends like that?  We do NOT have friends who are that thoughtful and awesome!

Besides, you are SO not allowed to mix ministry trips with personal get-aways.

We'd never allow that!

Nope!  Not us!


Unknown said...

Yes, and being the great friend that I am, I would NEVER kick you out of a conference, that's just mean!

Magan Keith said...

So awesome! I'm so glad that you would NEVER have friends that would do that for you. :) What a great weekend, happy anniversary!

Kelly Via said...

I'm so sad that you didn't have a great time, and that you don't have friends and family that would set you up like that. ;)