Thursday, December 23, 2010

What Did You Say? - "...Stay Out Of The Kitchen"

Preface:  While Josh and I were laying in bed talking last night we were blown away with how blessed we have been by our family and friends in the area over the past week while I've been recouping.  We have more food in the house than I have ever seen in my house at one time...ever.  It is very humbling to be served the way you all have come to serve us in so many ways!

Me: "I know, it's crazy how much food is in there.  My medicine has made me lose some of my appetite though, I think.  I mean, I am eating, but I just don't feel "hungry" at all.  It's weird."

I am thinking Josh is saying:  "I am pretty proud of how you have stayed out of the kitchen the last few days."

What he actually said was:  "I am pretty proud of how you have stayed out of the kitchen the last few days."

Wait a minute...I heard him correctly?!

I'm thinking:  "Wow, I mean, do I normally just stuff my face all day when I'm home with the kids?"

See, what he meant to have said was:  "Let me complete this thought with you and then move on to the next one baby.  OK...I'm sorry you haven't had much of an appetite lately, I'm sure that's normal after your kind of surgery.  Now, moving on in my train of thought...I'm pretty proud of you for staying off of your feet and not wanting to straighten the house and for staying out of the kitchen and not trying to keep up with the dishes." isn't that much better;)


Anonymous said...

Ha! Sounds like our conversations. I mishear Jordan ALL the time. Makes for some funny stories. So glad you & Josh have had this week together while you recuperate. Love you all!

TWByers said...

It must be a man thing, I say things in in-complete thoughts all the time that could be heard differently than the intent, I knew what he was trying to say from the beginning, let me know if you ever need a translator ;)

The Via Colony said...

TWByers, you must be right, ha!

Kelly Via said...

HA HA HA HA HA! That is so so funny!! Awesome.