Monday, December 20, 2010

"BIGGER Than The Bunny" - Pre Order TODAY!

So, my book didn't make it here for Thanksgiving and it's not looking like it'll be here for Christmas or even the new year...BUT...shortly after the new year it should be in my hands, and hopefully in many of yours, PTL!  This sweet momma was about to loose her patience over this one;)

Ahem, anyway, I have had several of you ask if you can "pre-order" the book so you can give it to friends and family for Christmas and then, when they get here I'll mail them out to them ASAP.

They are still unsure as to exactly how much the book will retail for so we are kind of going off of the pricing that Josh's book is and will probably have to adjust when the book actually gets here, so don't get upset if/when the price changes next month.  We are pricing the book at $15 right now, with the additional option of donating $20 or $25 for a book and the additional proceeds will go toward our adoption!

Here's a sweet incentive to help the sales of this book:
A percentage of all the proceeds and donations will be going directly to adoption fund:)

So, here's what you need to do:
  1. Purchase the book on our secure PAYPAL account that we have set up.
  2. Make sure you fill out the "shipping address" section for wherever you want the book to be sent when it is complete.
  3. Drag the Cover Illustration to your desktop and print it off, along with the book synopsis write-up at the end of this post, and wrap it up for your beloved recipient:)
I'm so excited to get some feedback from this little devotional and I hope you enjoy this journey with your kids to explain what Easter is really about!
***REMEMBER: This devotional begins during the week of 
Ash Wednesday, which is March 9th in 2011***

Here's What People Are Saying About The Book - 

Tasha indicates her desire for God's Word to come alive to children.  Having worked with children for years, I am confident that the devotional thoughts, the activities and the table discussion starters will indeed bring life to God's Word for any children involved.  You and your children will be most prepared for all the Resurrection is for us as you use this extraordinary, creative devotional book during the Lenten season.  I only wish that someone had provided a book like Bigger Than the Bunny during our children's growing up years.
Donna Thompson – Chaplain To Women, Columbia International University

Bigger Than the Bunny is an excellent resource that will enable you to teach your children the true meaning of Easter.  The activities are applicable to all age levels from preschoolers to older children as well as simple and effective.  It’s sure to provide a fun learning experience for everyone in your family.
Holly Furtick, Elevation Church

From the first chapter it is evident that Tasha Via has a passion to teach her kids biblical truth.  She is a gifted wife, mother, writer, musician and woman of God.
Beverly Carroll – Journey Church, Raleigh, NC

Purchase and Donate

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What is "BIGGER Than The Bunny" All About? 

Do you ever wonder how in the world you're supposed to teach your children about the true meaning of Easter when there are bunnies hopping around in every store and Easter candy begging to be eaten by little ones?  Do you question whether to leave the whole crucifixion part out so you don't scare the younger ones or just try to tiptoe around the miraculous resurrection because it sounds too crazy?  Bigger Than the Bunny will help you answer these questions while giving you some practical and fun ways to bring this story to life for your children, as well as for the whole family.

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