Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Big Day

Monday was family errand running day. We hadn't reinstalled Micaiah's car seat base from our beach trip so we went ahead and made the switch. I know...a couple of weeks early, but he'd outweighed his infant seat by about 3 pounds so we figured he was safer in his new seat.

He giggled and kicked with glee the whole time we traveled to our first destination. Areyna was so excited that he would be able to watch movies with them on road trips. She reminded us SEVERAL times about this along the way:)
One of our stops was Triangle Town Center Mall. Josh needed to stop by the Verizon booth to see what he could do about his phone. He had jumped in the pool with it at the beach last week and it totally died. The Verizon people were awesome. They said, "Let's just pretend that it never got wet and we'll mail you a new one in 2 days." WHAT?!

Anyway, while he was at the Verizon booth I took the kids to the indoor play place. I think this was the first time he'd been able to play freely on a playground without me having to worry about him eating wood chips or handfuls of dirt. He LOVED it!

The other moms observing him cringed every time a bigger kid came close to touching him, but he's a tank so I wasn't worried at all. All the other kids loved on him, but Areyna was quick to tell them that he was her brother!

He LOVED the tunnel.
In And Out...In And Out
He also liked the climb up to the slide
and going head-first DOWN the slide while laughing the whole way!
I think I've got our first climber!

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the broomes said...

I had forgotten what a great play place that mall has! ...And where did your baby go?!? Cai is getting so grown up!! (Ready for a # 4 yet?:)) ...I love your last post about Areyna- that's awesome to see how she is discerning and desiring to please God!