Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Truth Be Told - The "Project" Revealed

Well, I thought it would be safe to share what I've been working on over the past week (or so#10). I might as well, since I just finished it yesterday!!!!

So, without further ado...

...I just finished writing a family devotional. Yup, you read that correctly. Yup, the one who got out of as many papers as I could growing up, Ha! Josh actually kept some of my college papers around just for a good laugh when he was feeling blue=) Just kidding, but I will admit that they really were awful. So, the fact that I actually wrote a book is shocking to me, but I really felt led to do it.

Josh and I were really inspired by Heather Joel's family devotional that we are doing with our kids. I took that inspiration plus the love for finding new ways to make God's message alive in our kid's hearts that He's given me and wrote a devotional of my own to do with our kids. The cool thing is, hopefully it will be a tool to get the Gospel into other homes as well.

It is a 7-week devotional through the season of Lent and Easter with memory verses, history through symbols and activities. Here's the awesome part, we are adding to our Easter song repertoire that Josh started a couple years ago that will go along with the devotional.

So, that's it=) I'm pretty excited, can you tell?!

***If you feel led to give to this new project just click the "Feed The Kids" link on the right under "Our Ministry Links And Partners".***


Kelly Via said...

Can't wait to read it, Tash!! I KNOW it will be great! Very excited and proud of you for doing what you know He was leading you to do!!

Emily Wallace said...

So exciting! Can't wait to read it.

Jennifer Hambrick said...

Sign me up to buy the 1st copy!