Monday, February 1, 2010

Deliberate Kids

Josh and I started a new family devotional with our kids a few weeks ago. Our kids absolutely LOVE it! Not only does it have awesome family discussion questions for each lesson but it has a song to go with the main theme each week. It is called "The Deliberate Kids". The kids request to listen to that CD on an hourly basis. Zeke had the words memorized to the whole CD before I even heard them all.

You know Phil Joel from Newsboys? Well he and his wife have done a phenominal job putting this together. Phil composed a children's album and then his wife wrote a 10-week devotional to go along with each song.

If you are looking for another family devotional book, or even another CD that will get your kids singing about God's truth go check it out and get your own copy!


Jennifer Hambrick said...

I love this! We were just looking into a new kids devotional, so this was perfect timing.

allaboutthehendersons said...

I think we're gonna pick this devo up. The dinnertable devotions book we got must be written for older children, although it says younger. We have a 2 year old and an 8 year old, so we have to find the balance to keep them both interested. Thanks for sharing!