Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Biblical Submission - Part 3

Here is the final installment of Biblical submission. Read Part 1 and Part 2 first if you need to catch up.

Q: "If you believe that Josh hears from God on behalf of your family, how difficult is it for you to follow his lead in submission?"
A: It's not difficult at all. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that it is a relief for me to know that he is in charge. We, as women, need to realize that the husband of the family is ultimately responsible for the directions his family takes. That means that he is the one that will be held accountable when all is said and done, not us. We are responsible for our own actions but the husband is the head of the family just like the Pastor is the head of the church and will be held accountable on a whole different level for the direction he leads his church.

Q: Let's get practical. A few years ago, when Josh came to you believing that God was leading your family into itinerant worship ministry, which translated means, no secure paycheck, what would have happened to your family if you thought that was totally and completely impractical, stupid, and naive and you wanted to go a different direction?"
A: Not only would it tear our family apart, but I would be putting Josh in a horrible predicament, making him have to choose between God's leading or me, his wife.

Here's where the mutual submission comes into play. At the end of every year, before the beginning of another, Josh and I set aside time to pray separately about the Lord's leading for our family and ministry. We try to re-evaluate our strategy to make sure we are staying on track. Then, after several days we find a time to get alone together and talk about where we feel the Lord leading us. You see, it's not just Josh seeking the Lord's direction, it is both of us. God isn't going to lead Josh in a totally different direction that me. The vision that God places in my heart always lines up with Josh's. We may have to tweak a few details along the way but with that line of communication open we can differentiate between our own desires and where we both see the Lord leading our family/ministry.

Josh was then asked on the spot what he would have done if I would have flat out told him "no". His answer was, "I'd go back to the drawing board. Back to square one. I believe that Tasha hears from the Lord too and if she didn't feel the Lord's hand in it then I'd go back to the prayer closet and re-evaluate my motives and direction."

Q: "So, how would it be different if Josh wasn't trying to hear from God about His will for your family and His direction?"
A: It would really make submission tough. I would worry a lot more about our family and our lives. Instead, I SEE him seeking out the Lord's direction for us which enables me to easily submit to his leading. And more often than not, our desires and directions line up because we are both seeking the same thing.

So, there you have it. Speaking really brought me out of my comfort zone, but it definately helped me solidify my view on Biblical submission. Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have.


Ashley said...

Thanks for sharing Tasha. I really appreciate your insight on this topic. Love it!

Jennifer McMurray said...

Hey Tasha,
I love your blog, you are so cute. Can't wait to see you guys. I have lost your phone number. But we are planning to be at Chick-fil-a tonight for your friend's concert thing. Hope you all will be there with the kids.
Your blog was the best way I knew to get in touch with you. Love, Jenn