Friday, December 4, 2009

Fun Facts For Friday

1 - Now that I'm all unpacked and living life in our new house I'm going to have to find a new project to work on.  Oh yeah, it's Christmas time...maybe I should get started on that=)

2 - We've been passing around this weird bug at our house this week.  Josh is laid out on the couch where he slept last night.  We do that, there is just something therapeutic about sprawling out on the couch all night that makes us feel better. 

3 - I have high hopes of starting to exercise week, HA!

4 - I can't for the life of me EVER spell the word "exercise" right the first time without the little red dotted line staring me in the face saying, "Didn't you learn to spell this word in like first grade?"

5 - The other night we were making breakfast for dinner and one of Josh's brothers called.  We told him to pack up his girls and come on over...pancakes were on.  Another brother and his family were over last night to help Josh on a project.  I LOVE being close to family!

6 -" All That Glitters" will be here SATURDAY!!!!!  We are SO excited about this project.

To you from all of us...have a GREAT weekend!

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Holly said...

I still have pumpkins out and need to get on decorating the house! So fun that you have family close by and that all the cousins can play together. You for sure have some good options for babysitters. We loved your Christmas card!