Friday, July 3, 2009

Fun Facts For Friday - Ready For Daddy

The Adventures of:
1 Mommy, 2 Kids, and A VERY Preggo Belly 
who are all more than ready for daddy to 
come home TOMORROW MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Past 2 weeks have been quite adventurous to say the least.

1- We headed to my best bud's house and hung out with her family for a few days.  Areyna absolutely LOVED having a princess buddy.  Their imaginations ran wild as they literally played for hours together.  "Flying Mermaids" and "Princess Fairies" were a couple of favorites.  Zeke didn't mind a little male company.  Little Ezra kept us all on our toes and we had a GREAT time.  Each night ended catching fireflies and/or baby frogs=)

2- We went to the Durham Museum Of Life And Science.  It was SO cool.  The kids LOVED the interactive learning centers.  

3- We came home for a day to recoup and do laundry before packing up and heading to my friend Emily's house in Greenville.  We were all packed up and ready to go.  I was in the kitchen fixing a quick lunch before hitting the road when I heard a blood-curdling scream coming from Zeke.  He had a massive run-in with the corner of our bed frame that sent us to the Pediatric ER for the afternoon...and early evening.  Apparently Super Heros still need to obey their mommy's and NOT jump from stools to beds, because they may not make it on TOP of the bed=)  The kids were so sad we didn't make it to our other friends house but we made up for it with lots of swimming and a trip to the library the next day!  (Don't worry, Zeke is MUCH better)
This picture is for his daddy.  He's saying "I'm Being Bwave!"

4- Josh made the kid's incentive charts before he left for Africa.  Every night before bed we sat down and evaluated our "happy hearts" and attitudes from the day.  If they have a certain amount of stickers by the time their daddy gets back they get to go on a date with him to "Chuck E Cheese"!

5- On the way to the Library the car started feeling like it was dragging and then 2 little, green, plug-looking lights showed up off and on.  I don't know much about car maintenance, but I'm guessing this isn't a good sign.  Then the NOISE started.  Thankfully we made it back home without breaking down. 

It's time for daddy to come home before anyone else ends up in the ER or the car breaks down completley=)

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a.helms said...

Tasha, I had to laugh as I read this blog. First the kid in the top right photo being naked kind of made me laugh. Then when I read the story about Zeke being a super hero..... Well, it brought back memories. My brother once tried to play superhero and thought he would climb out a window on the second story of our old farm house and act like superman. Then I felt the need to play superwoman..... I didn't end up so lucky as he did. He never jumped. I on the other hand tried to jump from the top of my parents dresser onto their bed when they were gone. My sister didn't like that and lay on their bed trying to stop me by cutting out pictures from a magazine. Me being the flyer felt I could jump over her. I couldn't! I now have a permanent scare between two of my toes where those scissors won that one. It is funny now but when I was Zeke's age, it wasn't so funny!