Monday, December 8, 2008


Josh started a cool tradition the first year we were married. He buys a special ornament for me (and now each of the kids) to represent the past year as individuals. We are getting quite a collection. It's fun to look at the dates on them and remember what the ornament signified from that year=)

This year Zeke got a Thomas The Train ornament because he LOVES Thomas and had a Thomas 2-year birthday party.

Areyna got a Cinderella because we rarely go a day without at least ONE princess dress on=)
Last year Josh got me a luggage bag because we had just completed our first year on the road with our ministry. This year I got a House picture frame to put our family in. Maybe because I rarely ever see our house=), or maybe just because we have really seen the value of loving each other and making every moment count, this year more than ever!
Do you have any special traditions that your family does? I'd love to hear...


Brandie said...

we did that at my nanny's house when we were little all the way until i was 21 years old :) oh..what memories ..hope all is well with you guys..take care

btw you have been tagged..come look at my website :)

Jennifer Hambrick said...

I always thought that was a cool thing for Josh to do!

Anonymous said...

eeeehhhhh........not really........YET.

I think (this is my theory at least)...that as time goes by- there will be things that my kis REMEMBER that we did....and then later THOSE will be the things that become the traditions.

who knows WHAT will stick!!!

Kelly Via said...

We do the ornaments too, but we let the girls pick them out. We just went last night; it was a lot of fun!

Then we do a photo ornament with our family photo in it each year...those are a lot of fun!

Michaelle said...

As a family, we wait until right before Christmas and then drive through our town and neighboring towns to look at all the Christmas lights.