Saturday, December 6, 2008

SOP - It Begins - Part 1

During my first 2 pregnancies I had what my brother has coined as SOP's:  "Signs Of Pregnancy".  It was basically a cop-out for anything silly that I would do that I could blame on pregnancy=)

I can already tell that this pregnancy is going to be NO DIFFERENT!

While I was making a family favorite for dinner last night I started scrambling eggs to put in the main dish.  Not a problem in and of itself, but there were NO EGGS in the recipe.  I didn't just put 1 or 2 scrambled eggs in the dish, no, that could have been covered up with the rest of the stuff that went in it...I put 6 scrambled eggs in it.  What in the world was I thinking????

Oh, the things my family will have to put up with for the next 9 months=)

1 comment:

Kelly Via said...

Wow, that makes me want to puke...oh look...another SOP. :(