Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Not A Battle That I Choose To Fight

The "outfit" battle is not a battle we choose to fight in this house.  

Areyna has been known to show up at church with a princess dress;)  And I'm sure the teachers at Rainy's preschool must think I'm a terrible mom but I WILL NOT fight with Areyna about wearing a coat any longer.  I'll stick it in her bag and if she gets cold enough she'll ask for it.  As for her daily outfits, we have one rule for the winter, Areyna MUST wear a long sleeved shirt under her Oh-So-Loved tank tops. 

Here is a typical outfit for Areyna:  
White and Yellow long-sleeved t-shirt, a blue and purple tank top, 
a green skirt, and pink leggings.
I just smile, tell her that she is beautiful and 
tell everyone in the grocery store that her daddy dressed her=)


K said...

I am in complete agreement with you about the coat. You really do have to choose your battles!

Abbey said...

We don't battle clothes most of the time either - except Morgann's preschool has a (pretty in-depth) dresscode and she understands that she has to wear school clothes on school days.

I have to admit though, I dress her in non-matching clothes on purpose anyhow cause I think its wicked cute. I guess I'm odd:)

Emily Jennings said...

That is SO funny. I should be so laid back about it here! Hattie drives me CRAZY changing clothes. She'd prefer her leotard (or bathing suit, or princess dress) and thats it. So I tell her she MUST cover up her legs and arms. I could care less about matching, I'm not much on matching myself, but dressing appropriately for the weather is another thing!

Ashley said...

I think it's precious!

Jennifer Hambrick said...

Ella seems to go thru stages...some weeks its a big deal to her and some weeks she'd just rather me pick something out. You are smart in not making a big deal out of it!

Now, when our girls are 16...