Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Vacation Recap #1 - Reading List

You may not be as excited about this post as I am, but if you know me at all you can attest to the fact that I am not a very avid reader, aside from my quiet time material.  But I actually have a summer reading list to share with you!!  (My mom will be so proud=)  Here is my normal goal...finish a book, at some point, that I start.  Josh, on the other hand, likes to read several books at one time and he finished about 3 or 4 just during vacation week.  Makes me tired just thinking about it.

The first book that I finished was Showdown By Ted Dekker.  You can read Josh's recap of the book HERE so I won't write my own.  He read it in just a couple of days after I was done with it, whereas I started it the summer Zeke was born and just now finished it while we were in the studio=)  Hey, I reached my goal though...I finished the book!!

Second, I read the follow-up to Showdown called Saint.  Ted is one of the best writers in my opinion.  I love the way he weaves the gospel message in and out of his books.  He also ties his books together somehow!  I def. recommend ALL his books.

I'm not stopping here though!  I am in the middle of a book I won on a cool blog called 1/2 Price Living by Ellie Kay.  I CANNOT wait to tell you more about this one.  She is talking about the benefits to living on 1 salary and giving practical advice to how it can work for you=)  I'll be talking about this one more in the future.

I'll let you know when I finish this book and the next one I'm about to start called Skin.  Pretty exciting.

I'll also be talking about our fun adventures from the last week and a half...pictures and all!!


mom said...

Reading? You? Who would have thought. Yes, Tasha, I am proud of you - for so many reasons.
After reading House I never wanted to read another Ted Dekker book. Maybe I should give him another chance?

Anonymous said...


Since you and Josh like Ted Dekker's work have you seen where he wrote 4 more Circle Trilogy books? Also they made his book Thr3e into a movie. Pretty good stuff.

the broomes said...

Way to go Tash...Fred is always reading as well. And like Josh, it's usually like 4 books at one time. He is also really good at reading during commercials or in busy atmospheres. Not me: I need pretty much silence if I'm reading anything with substance. I did just finish a book yesterday that you should check out: I think it's called Thorn in My Flesh...or something like that. It's by Somebody Higgs (I guess I could run into the other room and be a little more specific here:)!) Anyways, it's a spin off of the account of Jacob, Leah and Rachel but set in 1700 Scotland. Good stuff. I just started the sequel (don't ask me what it's called:)) HA!

Kelly Via said...

Nice Tasha!! I am very proud of you and your Summer Reading List. Maybe I'll have one of those one day:)

the burchard bunch said...

I LOVE Ted Dekker!! If you haven't already... you need to read the Circle trilogy (Red, White and Black) Amazing, amazing series :)

While out in San Antonio, I finished three books in three days!
Craig Groeschel's "It"
Rob Bell's "Sex God"
and "The Shack"

I would recommend all three :)