Monday, July 28, 2008

It Never Fails

There is definitely one thing that I DID NOT inherit from my mom and her side of the family. 

If you know my mom, or even my sister for that matter, you know that THEY KNOW HOW TO COOK a meal!!!  They have a gift in the kitchen that somehow skipped over me.  Now, it's not so much the main course that I'm talking about.  Hopefully Josh can attest to the yummy dishes I can whip up.  I'm talking about the little word, "SIDES".

I plan a menu, and have it all written down in a nice and neat format...and then something happens.  I think I just get so excited that I have accomplished the BIG task that I forget that there are other things to be made.  

I am so basic and simplistic to a fault sometimes.  When I have too many things going on in the kitchen at one time I get that feeling like I do when I'm on AIM or something, and like 20 people are trying to talk to me at one time and I just can't keep up.  AHHH!

I digress.  Anyway...

Like tonight, I made some chicken enchiladas and went to put them on the table but completely forgot the mexican rice I was going to make.  That would be an extra 20 min.  Or we sit down to the chicken entre I've prepared and Josh will ask "babe, were you going to use that bread for anything?", to which I reply "OH YEAH, I had this awesome recipe I was going to put together to go on top of it!!!  And we were supposed to have a salad too!!!"  Or the baked potatoes I forgot last night to go with our steak (at least I remembered the corn on the cob this time).  It's pretty much a joke now that I always forget "the sides".  I'm sure glad my man likes me just the way I am=)


Josh Via said...

I find it quite comical, humorous and tension-busting!

N said...

That's funny! I have the same problem...usually from getting distracted by something. "Oh wait, this was supposed to have green beans with it...and rice! And I haven't started those things yet!"...and it's almost supper time. :D

Then there's the problem of coming up with side dishes in the first place. :(

Jennifer Hambrick said...

That's why we love you!

The Via Colony said...

she may forget the sides but her entrees are phenomenal

jayandjoy said...

oh opps..... I wrote that last comment forgot i was signed in as tash! Sorry guys