Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cam Wooten - Update

You may remember me mentioning our friends Cam and Lyn Wooten HERE.  They are friends of our from college and seminary.  He was diagnosed with leukemia and they just had their first baby a month or 2 ago, in the midst of all his chemo.  

I know that the power of prayer is GREAT, but I don't ever think I've ever personally experienced a greatness like this before.  Every day I pray for Cam on my own, but we have made it a family affair.  After our Family Devotions every night we have been lifting up certain friends and family regularly.  Areyna is good to keep us on track.  She ALWAYS reminds us to pray for Cam and our friends, Wade and Ferris's twin baby girls Adleigh and Liana who were born 3 months early.  

Anyway, yesterday I got Lyn's update on Cam.  Read these exerpts from her e-mail:
"When we went for the results of Cameron's biopsy we found out that he is completely cancer FREE even to the molecular level, which is as far as they look!!  So praise God that He has blessed us with a healthy man again.  The other good news is that they have found a perfect 10/10 match for Cameron and they are in the process of finalizing all of the details with his donor in order to begin the stem cell transplant.  We are continuing with the transplant because this will ensure that Cameron's leukemia does not come back, now that he is free of it.  So again we praise God for his faithfulness in providing us with a match for Cameron that will hopefully save his life and ensure a healthy life for 70 more years to come. ...Now to the unfortunate news.  As we were in the offices in Chapel Hill at UNC they were doing Cameron's blood and checking his vitals and they discovered that he was running a 104 degree temperature.  The doctor was convinced that he had an infection going on and wanted to admit him immediately and start him on antibiotics in order to stay the infection off."  

Pray for Cam as he fights this infection.  Pray for Lyn to be a strong wife and mother.  Pray that Myla will be an extraordinarily good baby for them during this stressful time.  Just pray...

We've been teaching Areyna that God hears our prayers and ALWAYS answers them.  Ya'll, He hears our prayers!  We may not always like his answer but He is God and "God is Good, His love endures forever."


Anonymous said...

You and I have never met, but I grew up with Josh and his family. The Via's influenced my life growing up more than any other family I've ever known. Their Godly example is unparalleled. Especially in a family full of "preacher's kids"!
I have read your blog for a while lately and I can't tell you how much it encourages me. God truly put the events in motion that led you and Josh to meet. He could not have met a more perfect woman for him. Your posts on being a wife and mother hits me in places where I need to be hit hardest. It steps on my toes! As a wife and a mother of a 19-month old, I don't have very many friends who are mothers and reading your blog each day it really blesses my heart to feel I have a kindred spirit out there in mothering! I also grew up with Jenn Hambrick and knew Kelly and their blogs are amazing as well. I just can't thank you enough for putting your life out there for the world to read. I pray for your family often. You, your husband and your beautiful children are setting such a wonderful example.
God bless, Tasha!

The Via Colony said...

Anonymous, than you so much for the sweet words of encouragement!!

Rhonda said...

Praise God!! That is so good to hear. I bet they are so relieved and better yet, God is to be praised for this miracle. Thanks for sharing this great news.