Thursday, February 14, 2008

As I Promised

A few days ago I wrote about something the Lord has really been working with me on. If you can't remember you can just click HERE to refresh your memory. I also mentioned that I would tell you about the next chapter that I learned so much from, but instead I'll tell you about today's lesson, equally impactful (I don't even think that's a word!). Every day I read a new chapter and think to myself "oh, I've GOT to write about this one" but then I'd give the whole book away, so instead I'll just write about today's lesson and challenge you to buy your own copy of the book and read it yourself. Today I read about enjoying the simple pleasures that the Lord has blessed us with. Lysa mentioned this little habit called "hoarder disorder" and I've got it bad! I'll give you a couple of personal examples. Before getting involved in this whole money saving "Phenomenon" I used to only buy special things, like toaster strudels or bagels, once in a blue moon and then would feel bad if I ate them because I didn't know when the next time I'd be able to buy them would be. Silly, huh. Sometimes I would even wait so long to eat something that it would go bad before I could consume it. It's terrible I know! I've since changed my ways about the food stuff, but I'm still transforming my life to enjoy other simple pleasures. Another example is Bath and Body Works Candles. They are SO expensive that when I actually get the opportunity to buy them I hate to even light them except for special occasions, so they sit on my coffee table, unused for months until the dust collects on the top and actually sizzle when lit. One last confession, I mean, example...I will buy an article of clothing and hate to wear it in fear that it will wear out and I won't get that much wear out of it. This is sounding more and more like a kind of phobia. My point is, well actually I'm agreeing with Lysa- what are we waiting on? Enjoy the things that God has blessed us with. Am I so afraid that he is going to neglect to provide for me in the future? Am I so doubtful in the Savior that has promised "peace and joy" to those who trust in Him? I'm turning over a new leaf today. It is not a sin to enjoy the material things that we have been given. So, go buy the book while I go light my favorite candles, all at the same time, and eat a bowl of the ice cream that I've been so afraid to finish off, and stand on the promises of Christ Our Savior who gave His life for His children.


Shannon Bradley said...

I can TOTALLY relate to the "saving" things idea...I FINALLY have been using my candles WEEKLY!!(but probably because my mom buys me a new one every so often now) ahhaha AND I do the exact same thing with clothes...Ross said I wait a year before I will wear something ahhahahah...I like the perspective you brought to this. Thanks :)

sheltonfamily said...

I am proud of you for lighting your candle...Enjoy it! I think we sometimes think so much like we are still in seminary. Although, I think we might have had more money with both incomes!

mom said...

Like mother like daughter, I guess. I have actually come to realize what I call the "manna principle". God gives us what we need (sometimes want) to be used today. His blessings are new every morning, and he gives as the need arises. He loves to bless his children.