Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Sunday-Night-After-Church-Social Feeling

It is 9pm and Josh and I just got home and put the kids to bed (without brushing their teeth or doing any other night-time routine because they are so tired from not sleeping AT ALL TODAY that they are running into walls and doors) and now we are starving. We've practically been gone since 7:30am this morning leading worship for different churches. Anyway, here we sit, hungry...but we can't eat. We've got, what we have phrased as the "Sunday-night-social feeling". If any of you grew up in church you know what I'm talking about. It would occur after a special Sunday night service and everyone would bring a dessert to share for a pot-luck and there was EVERY DESSERT IMAGINABLE to eat...but you just had that blah feeling, a kind of little stomach cramp that you get when you've waited too long to eat or you eat too late. Ahh, oh well. Maybe we'll just go to bed=)

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