Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Life Without Daddy - Day 4 - Fiesta

Morning - Wild Wild West - Jungle

After the day we had today I wasn't sure how my "happy heart" would hold up for the fun dinner we had planned for tonight, but I think that keeping with the plan actually helped us get through the rest of the night=)

Tonight's Theme:  Fiesta Night

Dinner Menu:
Chips and Salsa

We couldn't have a Fiesta night and NOT invite our friends=)
I invited daddy (he couldn't make it so we just brought his picture)
Areyna invited Bear, Baby Tasha, and Baby Isabell
Zeke invited Baby Zeke

Then, keeping in the "Fiesta" spirit we made a 
welcome home sign for daddy!
***Josh called and said that, weather permitting, he'd be home late tonight.  Praise The Lord!***
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