Friday, February 22, 2019

2018 Backlog - Photos From The Archives

I'm not even sure what Jude dressed up for,
but I don't think he could get any cuter!

When we have friends over it always comes in multiples, ha!
Addison and Chloe are some of our faves.

I am also well aware that the Mayhugh's and the Via's 
are very closely integrated!

And we are all together you better watch out
because we will TAKE OVER!

Soccer season is fun for the whole family.
The girls get to play together...

...and so do the boys!
In fact, going home right after the game just doesn't ever seem to be an option.

I love this shot of Alethia on the long board.

And this photo of Cai quietly reading is one of my all time favorites too!

2018 Backlog - GO Conference

GO Conference at SEBTS 2018 was a blast!

We even made a live album from the weekend.

2018 Backlog - Valentine's Day

We always have fun for "Heart Day"

Valentine's 2018 was no exception!

We made our own valentines for classmates and friends.

The kids woke up to the traditional heart-shaped muffins
and hearts lining every inch of the house and ceiling:)

Even Jemma got in on the action, ha!

Rainy, The Birthday Cake Baker

We have a tradition around here.

If anyone has a birthday they place their birthday cake order with
the queen of baking.

She has become pretty amazing!

For my 40th she made a mint chocolate cake
with essential oils

Jude always has some pretty elaborate ideas, 
but none too hard for Rainy!

The first cake pictured was Jude's birthday cake last year.

This next cake was Jude's birthday cake THIS year.
He wanted a penguin and panda theme...of course, lol.

Rainy went with a homemade cookie cake base.
She is also getting pretty good at improvising when she needs to.
The black icing was dyed with activated charcoal!

Pretty impressive if you ask me.
And Jude was a huge fan.

Rainy, herself, isn't a huge cake fan, but since she loves to bake so much
she is going to make her own birthday cake next week
just so she can get creative in the kitchen!

Monday, February 11, 2019

2018 Backlog - Nena

This day a year a ago sweet Nena went to be with Jesus.

Josh wrote the most beautiful post last year after her passing 
about the legacy that she left behind.

We miss her so much, as we remember her time here,
but we are resting in the peace and comfort that the Lord provides.

Uncle Ray thanking his mom for being such a great mom to him. 

Zeke was asked to be one of the paulbearers.
He also chose to wear his Great Ungle Gene's hat.

Friday, January 25, 2019

2018 Backlog - LCN trip to FL

February 2018

Josh and I have learned to multitask our ministry trips.

We were asked to lead an intimate time of worship with some 
(Which, by the way, will be happening again in just a few short weeks!)

So we took advantage and soaked up the beautiful, WARM scenery and sights
while reconnecting together during our off-time.

I am only posting this next photo because,
after a full day at Journey and then the rest of the day running around airports,
Josh looked down at my feet and said,
"Wow babe, I bet your feet are so sore after wearing those, uh, high tops all day."

Bahahahaha, lol.

Wedges will forever now be referred to as "high tops"!

I couldn't get enough of the brilliant colors and budding flowers

Sunsets were just as gorgeous as sunsets

We had so much time in the quiet for reading, reflecting, praying, talking...

We even made it over to the CRU headquarters in Orlando
and went through the Jesus Film Tour which was pretty spectacular!
I highly recommend taking the time to go through that if you are ever in the area.