Sunday, August 6, 2017

Cai Turns EIGHT

Eight years ago this kid stole another piece of my heart
(a mama has lots of pieces ya know).

He may have cried through the entire first year of his existence,
but has been working full-time to bring laughter all around him ever since.

He loves to give gifts.
He loves to GET gifts.

He is very descriptive,
loves telling (and hearing) stories,
and illustrating them.

Arts, crafts, Minecraft and Legos are among his favorites these days.

He can be really sensitive toward others.
He is a loyal friend.

And he is FINALLY learning to get along with both of his brothers
(for the most part).

Playing jokes and tricking us definitely keeps him sharp.
And I love hearing his little daily facts that he brings home from school every day.

He is still V-E-R-Y particular with his clothing, but we have branched out people!
He now has a pair of shorts and a t-shirt that he has allowed into his 1-outfit rotation that is soccer-playing appropriate
(which also conveniently allows for more washings of the 1-outfit mentioned before).

And wouldn't you know, he STILL lets me nibble his cheeks at bed time.

Cai (because we're only allowed to call you Cai-bo in front of family and at home now;),
You are a joy to be around and I love to be called "Cai's mom".  I hope you always try to make people laugh.  We continue to pray that you will be a man who only speaks truth, following after the heart of God.  Happy Birthday sweet boy!
Love, mom

Friday, August 4, 2017

Friday Photos

Jemma, meet the ladies.  Ladies, meet Jemma.
So far they are all scared enough of each other to keep everyone...alive, ha!

Zeke loving on his Jemma girl.

Colony baseball consisted of a broken desk leg as the bat and a beat-up baseball that met our lawnmower last week.

Field sledding on the hill with the wagon.

Jude and Cai were fighting discussing who got to hold the handle and the designated seating arrangement...
they BOTH won, lol.

Mr. Daredevil himself.  Never a feat too dangerous or too exciting for this guy.
And if you think I'm kidding,
just start taking inventory of his scrapes, bruises and scars from the ones that didn't end so well.