Thursday, May 7, 2009

At Least A 1/2 A Day

Today was AWESOME!  Josh got home late last night and we talked and caught up until well after midnight.  I had a lot of words to use up (I hadn't talked to anyone over the age of 4 in about 4 days)=)  And since the kids didn't take naps yesterday Josh and I were banking on the hopes of them sleeping in.  But when we rolled over in bed this morning and saw that it was 10am we were shocked...well rested, and shocked!

We had a late family breakfast of the usual, pop-tarts and cereal and then Josh got caught up on his inbox FULL of messages from a week without internet while I filled up the pool.  After about 1 hour of pool fun we were down from 3 rings on the pool to 1 and the water was slowly trickling out.  I think it's time for another pool=)

After some outside fun we put the kids down and practiced through our sets for tonight's rehearsal.  

We had a solid half day break before we start up again, but it was an amazing half day.  My baby is back and life is good!

Tomorrow, after Areyna gets out of school, we are heading up North to Yadkinville for a Youth Event and Rally with the band.  It'll be a late night but it should be fun.  We always love when we can bring the guys with us to play=)
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