Thursday, April 18, 2019

Track Out Adventures ~ Falls Dam

Josh and I are such creatures of habit.  We love adventures, but we always tend to go to the same places and do the same things and eat the same foods. But this year we're trying to branch out a little bit.  Like going to new places.  Ordering foods we have to look up on google just to figure out what they are and try new activities.

This new found desire to get out of the box decided to make its way into our track out adventures too.

Typically my anxiety keeps me from getting out and taking spontaneous adventures with the kids.  Who am I kidding, I hardly ever get out and adventure at all, lol.  But NOT THIS TRACK OUT! I was determined NOT to let my anxiety limit the possibilities as best I could.

I called up my partner in crime, we loaded up the party van and headed to Falls Dam. 

First of all, I hardly ever go to new places with all my kids without Josh.  Secondly, I NEVER am the one driving because that makes my anxiety even worse.  But again, I wasn't going to let that stop me this time!

We had no agenda, no time restraints and a party van full of adventure seekers just waiting to be unleashed. The weather was perfect and the setting was beautiful. This outing birthed an idea within Heidi and I.  We want to try to knock out as many new parks in our area as we can with these kiddos before they get too old to enjoy them (maybe...HOPEFULLY they never will!).

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Rainy Goes Ice Skating For Her 14th Birthday

Birthdays look a little different around the Colony Casa.
We've changed it up for the past couple of years.

We let the kids pick a couple of friends and invite them to an activity.
An activity that we don't typically get to do on the regular because we have such a large family

This year Rainy chose to go ice skating (a first!) at The Factory!

But first, she had to make her own birthday cake,
which she DIDN'T EVEN EAT
because she's not a cake person,
but she is a loves-to-bake person.
So, happy birthday to HER, ha!

It certainly was delicious as always though.

I canNOT believe that Rainy is 14!

Alethia, Chloe, Rainy, Savannah, Olivia

LCN ~ Florida 2019

The last couple of years Josh and I have had the privilege
of working with LCN,
a church network focused on disciples making disciples.

We headed down to FL again this past February
where it is so beautiful that you don't have to edit the colors at all!

We had a really sweet time of worship
followed by an intimate time of prayer over several of the team
struggling with some pretty major health issues.

I had cute little desserts like this

and even had an entire hour out in the sun by the pool to soak up some Vitamin D

Josh's brother, Jared, and his wife were also down.
They have recently joined the network
so it was nice to be able to hang out with them for a little bit!

We stayed an extra day to take a personal day for an early anniversary getaway.
So we decided to check out Disney Springs
(for the kids of course;)

I performed on this stage when I was in High School
with the Charleston Symphony Youth Orchestra.
I took a picture and sent it to one of my friends who played with me
She said we won that competition!

We aren't huge soda fans, but this Coke "museum" place was so fun!
We shared a coke float together to commemorate our love for one another
on this 18th year of marriage.

We also visited the LEGO store.
And THIS stop really was for the kids!
But those life-size lego creations are pretty spectacular!

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Rainy And Josh In Uganda

Josh's parents take a yearly winter trip to Uganda to spend time with Josh's brother and wife, Jonathan and Kelly.  They squeeze in a year's worth of holidays and birthday celebrations and jump into normal ministry life with their family.

This year Josh was going to be joining them to do some worship discipleship training for Jonathan and Kelly's worship team as well as some other surrounding worship teams.  So why not ask Rainy to join the fun?!

We needed to update her passport and raise the funds and she did an AMAZING job baking cookies and selling jewelry to get there!

Getting packed and ready was an adventure too.  While Josh and Rainy were trying to make sure their luggage met the weight requirements the other kids started pulling items from all over the house to see what was heavier or lighter, lol.

The trip was very nostalgic for them as they walked the streets we used to walk as a family and visited our old hut we lived in on the Arise Africa compound.  

They even got to go do some ministry out at the babies home where Alethia used to live.  Jonathan and Kelly (and their girls who predominately run it!) try to get out there once a month and do Bible stories, crafts, songs and games with the kids, so Josh and Rainy got to join in on those activities too.

We love Auntie Patricia

Josh had such a refreshing time with the worship teams during the days of training.

On Sunday morning Josh led with the Jinja Town worship team and his dad preached.

One of the nights the church held a worship night with Josh and the Jinja Town Worship team. I think a highlight for Josh was when Rainy got to lead a song WITH him!

Thank you, Kelly, for capturing most of these beautiful shots!