Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Life Without Daddy - Day 3 - Jungle

Morning - Wild Wild West 

Tonight's Theme - Jungle Night

First Zeke and I made "Bug Mix" (Trail Mix)
Cheerios = snails
Craisins = ladybugs
Chocolate Chips = ants
Coconut = slugs
Banana Chips = beatles
Marshmallows = slimy ground
Dinner Menu:
"Snake Calzone" - This was my 1st ever attempt at a calzone,
Don't laugh=)
"Wild" fruit from the jungle
After dinner we went on a bug hunt outside.
We found tons of snails, rollypolly's, earwigs and a ladybugs from all the rain we've been having.

Finally, we ended the day reading some bug and jungle books.
The bug and caterpillar books are from the library.
Yes, we FINALLY made it to our library today.  It only took us 3 years to get there=)
The kids had a blast!

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