Monday, April 6, 2009

Blessing Your Husband - Final Challenge

I finished Blessing Your Husband last week.  It was a refreshing perspective of how we can bless and encourage our husbands through our everyday lives.  I have 1 more challenge for us.  I encourage you to make this last one a lifestyle and not just a 1-week challenge.

Check out Challege 1, 2 and 3 if you want to get caught up with where we are.

So here is Challenge 4:  
Make your relationship with Christ your primary priority

But what does that have to do with blessing our husbands?  Here's how it works.

"Like many women who have walked this road before us, 
we discover that if we're willing to keep seeking our Savior, 
we eventually learn that the Lord's unfailing love for us 
is far deeper and truer and braver than we ever dreamed 
it could be - a truth we learn by heart as we follow the Lord 
with openhearted faith moment by moment, and day by day."
Debra Evans

This allows us to see that in Christ we are complete and that we can now see the example of perfect love by God's example and live that out towards our husbands.  Christ should be the center of that unbreakable 3-strand cord!
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