Monday, April 6, 2009

There's More To Him Than Just His Music

I'm talking about Zeke.  It seems like everything in his little world revolves around music.  Except for his love for basketball that is=)  When he has his "ball clothes" on, (which he would wear everyday if I didn't make him throw them in the laundry after countless peanut butter hand wipes down the front of his shirt) he is "packetball boy".  Areyna is always trying to get him to play along that he is her husband or baby or daddy or prince, or whatever else she is imagining at the time, but when Zeke's ball clothes are on he refuses to partake in these imaginary shenanigans.  He is simply a baller and nothing more.  Okay, he's still got his mad air guitar skills with his ball clothes on, but he sure as heck doesn't want to be Rainy's Prince and he lets her know it=)!
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