Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blessing Your Husband - Challenge 1

I just started a book called "Blessing Your Husband" by Debra Evans.  I'm going to be posting an  idea for us, as wives, to work on every week.  

This week I want us to focus on the expectations we have for our husbands.

"It is a foolish woman who expects her husband to be to her that 
which only Jesus Christ Himself can be, always ready to forgive, 
totally understanding, unendingly patient, invariably tender and loving, 
unfailing in every area, anticipating every need, and making more than 
adequate provision.  Such expectations put a man under an impossible strain."
Ruth Bell Graham

"A woman defines herself by her relationships, and a man defines
himself by his accomplishments."
Deborah Newman

If you add these 2 statements together you will realize that we are setting our men up for failure just by our expectations.  D.Newman also states that we, as women, "have a great opportunity to call the men in our lives to greatness..." by "giving them room to fail and always call(ing) them back to be the best they can possibly be."

Let's encourage and bless our men by allowing them to be who they are, by laying our expectations aside, and by loving them...even when they mess up.
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