Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Blessing Your Husband - Challenge 2

***If you are a little behind click HERE to get your first challenge on how to bless your husband and catch up!=)

This one is simple yet hard but VERY effective, so here goes.

When your husband walks in at the end of the day lay your schedule and agenda aside (completely) to catch up with him.  He may even want to take a long leisurely walk outside, so just fight the urge to say "Sure, after I get ______ done."  This one is going to be so hard for some of you, including me!  I get so caught up in my little projects or with whatever I am doing that I am totally distracted until the task is complete.  This is a simple way to honor our husbands and to show them that we truly value them and want to hear about their day with our full attention.

So, my challenge to US is to try this for a week and just see what happens=)

"How many opportunities for blessing and 
celebration have I missed with my husband because 
of my determined choice to stick to a schedule or 
remain preoccupied with my daily work?"
Debra Evans

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