Monday, July 21, 2008

Challenge Update - Week 4

Read HERE, HERE and HERE if you are lost or behind.

So, I have failed the task at hand.  I went to the store today and I got $60.39 worth of groceries.  I only had $9 to spend for the rest of the month, which means that I went roughly $51 over.  Not too bad, considering this crazy month, and way better than if I wouldn't have done the challenge=)  I spend around $60 a week in groceries which would have been around $300 for the month, but instead I spent about $176 this whole month!  Not too shabby for a 5 week month=)

Reasons why I went so far over:
1-I wanted to keep my stockpile going.  I truly think I could have pulled off the challenge but then I would have absolutely NOTHING left in my pantry and would have paid more next month working up my stockpile again=(  This would NOT have been smart. 
2-I got groceries for the remainder of the month so $60 is pretty good for 2 weeks worth of groceries!
3-I did start the challenge AFTER I had already gotten the first week of groceries, which just happened to be one of my most expensive weeks.
4-I got a TON of meat for $15 today which I didn't expect.  It was all clearance meat so I got a bag of chicken breasts, 3 pork chops and 3 packages of other meat for stir fry and/or stew that was marked WAY down.  Now I should be set for meat for several weeks.

I had fun trying to meet this challenge and it really did save us a lot of money this month.  I also met some good bloggin' friends while keeping up with the challenge.
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