Sunday, July 20, 2008

The 19th Of July

Apparently this is a day to least in our neighborhood.  Someone must have gotten a good deal of fireworks this weekend because they put on quite a show that we could see AND HEAR from our backyard.  My kids loved the fireworks on the 4th, but could have done without all the noise.  So, when the show started up around 9pm last night I was just waiting for my kid's reaction.  After a good 20 minutes or so I heard a scared whimper coming from their room.  I walked in and Areyna, looking a little scared herself, said that Zeke was scared of the fireworks.  I asked if he wanted to sleep with Rainy and he didn't have to think about his answer.  He curled up really close to Rainy and she kept him safe all night.  It was SOOO cute.  They slept all night like that.  This morning when I got them up for church Areyna told me that Zeke wasn't scared anymore because God was with him=)

Well, round 1 was at Weddington Church this morning and I'm off for round 2 at Ridge Church!
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