Monday, July 14, 2008

Challenge Update - Week 3

You can go HERE and HERE to see how I've been doing thusfar or just to find out what the heck this post is about=)

I always forget to mention that I go to CVS every week, but I hardly ever get edible groceries or have to pay much OOP.  So far nothing has counted there.

I have to start this off by rationalizing a little bit.  While I am trying to stick to this challenge, I refuse to let my family starve.  I have been trying to cook the same kinds of meals I would cook otherwise.  PLUS, we have had company every weekend plus a few more days this month, not to mention the cookout and birthday party.  Okay, I feel better getting that off my chest=)  That is another thing, I don't want to deny friends, family or our "Open House" policy just to meet the challenge.

All that being said, I went out to the grocery store and spent a whopping $20.01 for the week. 
I SAVED $20.28 today (I keep forgetting to post my savings which are almost always the same as the total spent!)

Yeah, I'm still in the game.  Cutting it close.  I have roughly $8 left for the month!  But even if I don't make it I'm sure saving much needed money around here.  What were we thinking a book, a new CD, a mission trip?!  What a summer.  God is so good!
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