Tuesday, August 11, 2015

When Daddy's Out

When I find myself alone in the evenings because Josh is at rehearsal, or the Tavern doing open mic nights to build relationships with other musicians outside of the church bubble...how HOT is that;), or at the library doing research, or in his "mind palace" working on another school deadline, or overseas doing ministry, or in another state doing ministry, or down the street doing ministry...

I miss him.

Yes.  I truly miss him.
Especially during witching hour the hours between 4-8.  Can I get an AMEN?!


There are just some things that I find myself only doing when I am flying solo.

For example, I've heard many women talk about how they don't sleep well when their husbands are gone...well, not to burst your bubble babe, but I happen to LOVE sleeping all sprawled out across every corner of the bed (I typically find myself laying shortways [is that even a word?!] across the bed when I wake up) with pillows surrounding and piled high on top of me.  It is absolutely blissful.  So blissful if fact, that I have a hard time allowing the kids to come "cuddle" with me in bed because I don't want to waste a single minute of sprawling time. #confession

I also tend to be way more productive in the kitchen.  I'll prepare fruits and veggies for the next several days.  I'll make obscene amounts of salsa and guacamole (and then consume the afore mentioned obscene amounts of salsa and guacamole).  I'll do dinner prep for the next day.  Pack lunches.

All while listening to techno club music.

I also seem to find things to organize when Josh is out.  It's like the closets and cabinets begin calling my name or something!

And I unashamedly tend to rearrange AT LEAST one thing in the house (which is probably one reason God didn't give me a child who was blind).

All while listening to soothing ambient electronic sounds.

I watch way more Netflix when I don't have another human sitting next to me to listen as I use up the rest of my daily words.

But on the other hand, I use way more anti-stress and anxiety oil blends than when I have a helping hand around (see I really do miss you;).

What do you tend to do when you are left to fend for yourself in the evenings?

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