Monday, August 17, 2015

Another Pile Of Stones

The past week and a half has absolutely blown me away.

God has shown off in so many areas of our lives that I can't seem to muster up any other words to say to Him but "thank you".

He has provided so many needs of ours in BIG ways.
He has even provided some things that weren't necessarily needs but certainly has made life easier and happier even (like a date night AND the childcare for it!).

He has used His body to act and give and share and encourage.
Those people will never know just how timely their love on our family has been and continues to be.

So today I just keep whispering thank you with an overflowing, grateful heart.

He IS the God who provides.
He IS the God who sees.
He IS the God who knows when to lavish and when to restrain the blessings.

Today I've sighed so many sighs of relief that I can't even count.

This isn't a post to brag or tell you have perfect our life is.
And it's DEFINITELY not a post to tell you that believers will always eventually get everything they ask for, because that would be a lie.

It is a post written to help me remember how God listens to the little and the big cries of our hearts.
Because one day I'm going to be crying out again, feeling like I can't even keep my head above water, and I will read this and remember.  In every season God is good, and it's when He gives us these moments of relief and rest that we build up our stones, our Ebenezer's of remembrance, of His goodness and faithfulness.

So I'm just gonna keep piling up these stones.
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