Thursday, August 6, 2015

Another One In The Books: Cai Is SIX Today

I see him and my whole body melts.
It's gotta be those cheeks!

The squooshy, smooshy cheeks reserved for MOMMY only.
He has promised to let me nibble them for always and has given me full permission to talk about their cuteness as much as I want (in private of course;).

I can't believe he is six today.

He was by far my tiniest baby.
And his delivery was my easiest.
Which makes for fond early memories.

Oh but that infant/baby season...
he cried and cried and screamed and whaled for nearly the first year.

But although he wasn't the most content baby in town, he was still my sweet little Cai.
And his growing chubbiness just made him that much cuter.

Now he is a perfect blend of rough and tumbly, wrestly and messy
and sweet and cuddly, sensitive and compliant.

He is moldable and teachable.
He takes reprimand to heart.
And he still has a hard time not telling things just how they are.

He is a hard worker and a perfectionist (sometimes to a fault).

He LOVES acting in Zeke's superhero movies.
He LOVES just being with the girls.
He LOVES pushing Jude's buttons, who pushes HIS buttons.  It's actually a daily/hourly game with them these days...I am praying that this is just teaching them how to LOVE each other better when they actually decide that they like each other, ha!
He LOVES anything that has to do with jumping off of high things...pretty much anything that gives this mama a heart attack is a blood-rushing thrill for him.

Playing with cars and coloring are his all-time favorite things to do.
Oh and did I mention his cuddles?!
He probably asks me a dozen times a day if we can cuddle:)

I love this boy with every piece of me, even when he IS crying about food proportions again.



I love how you have special things that only MOMMY gets to do and say.  I love how you are innocently truthful.  You are the boy who can't tell a lie (for the most part anyway, ha!).  I pray that you will continue to seek the Lord and speak the truth boldly for Him, just like the prophet you were named after.  I pray that God will continue to mold your heart to be completely content in Him and what He has given you.  Happy Birthday sweet Cai-bo!

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