Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Colony Thoughts On Essential Oils ~ Part 3 : Medicine Cabinet Makeover

If you are coming here with a billion questions before even reading this post 
you may need to go catch up on Part 1 and Part 2 before diving into my final post on essential oils.

As I mentioned in Part 1, I have pretty much switched out the over-the-counter meds in our cabinet with essential oil alternatives.

But let it be known, I am NOT against modern medicine!  In fact, I grew up with a daddy in the medical field.  I have fond memories of taking dinner to him at the medical University in the area and eating our baked chicken on tables in the gross anatomy lecture room, staring into the big buckets housing the brains, hearts and various other body parts.  Really, I thought this was the COOLEST THING EVER (right on up there with my fantasy of becoming an undercover spy)!  My kids have had their fair share of vaccines (hello, we've traveled over seas!), I am on anxiety medication (which we are ALL thankful for) and there are just some things that an oil (or any "natural remedy") simply cannot fix.  I've had a handful of minor surgeries and what mom with a Colony of small children hasn't frequented the waiting room in the ER or pediatricians office if they have it readily available to them?

But I am against the overuse and the abuse of over-the-counter medicines.  Too often I think we reach for a (quick fix) pill if we have the slightest discomfort or symptom when many times the discomfort takes care of itself over time.  Also, by doing a little research we might fine something ELSE to help the discomfort that won't mean putting something in our bodies with the potential of a dozen side effects.

For our family, the medicine is becoming more of a last resort.  I want to say that I tried other, more natural, alternatives, before twisting the cap on the medicine bottle.  Like any other decision we make as a family, we try to weigh our options in light of the current situation or circumstance and make the best decision we can, based on what is available.  So, if an oil just isn't kicking the allergies, try the medicines.  If your child is failing miserably and cannot focus, and/or disrupting those around them, then you may need to look into some medical help.  If the oil won't budge the migraine or stomach pain, then by all means, find something that will!

Ok, now that the disclaimer is over (sheesh, sometimes I wonder if I'll ever have any readers by the time I get to the end of a post) I can list out what I have found as alternatives to our most common medical needs.  Again, I am NOT an expert.  I've done my fair share of research on the ol' interwebs and by asking my friends a bazillion questions (it helps to have friends in the "oil" business!).

Here is what we try before using medication:

INSTEAD OF                                    WE TRY
Tylenol (for pain)                          wintergreen or clove
Tylenol (as a fever reducer)           palmarose, peppermint
Pepto Bismol                                 ginger, peppermint or Restoration blend  
Imodium AD                                 ginger, peppermint or Restoration blend
TUMS                                           peppermint
Migraine Meds                              Head Ease or Mgraine blends 
After bite                                       lavender or tea tree
Neosporin                                      lavender, tea tree or lemon
Vick's Vapor Rub                          Breathe Easier and Exhale blends

FOR                                                    WE TRY
insomnia                                        blend vetiver and lavender and rub on bottoms of feet
motion sickness                             ginger
sore throat                                     caraway
muscle cramps and spasms           ginger
cold/flu                                         oregano, clove or Breathe Easier blend
bronchitis                                      oregano, Exhale blend
sore muscles/painful joints            birch
anxiety or stress                            lemongrass, Stress Relief and Align blends, blood orange, clove bud
skin issues                                    cedarwood, lemongrass, geranium, patchouli
wart removal                                oregano and frankinsense

to help prevent illness as an immunity booster, and also to quicken an illness's effects we use Oregano and Four Theives blend

to disinfect we use palmarose


We eased our way into this by purchasing a few oils at a time.  Then I began going through our medicine cabinet and trying to figure out the best essential oil alternative for the medicines we were taking.  I love hearing Jude walk up to me and say, "Mommy, ah tummy ote. Ah some oil."  They know it works too:)

Here is another helpful chart for things to try before opening up your own medicine cabinet.  The blends listed below are a different version of the ones I get from Edens Garden.

There is one medicine that is irriplaceable for our family and that is Benadryl.  We have many weird reactions and allergies to things so this is one medicine I probably will never replace:)
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